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Installation from source

Installing pxview from source has been simplified as much as possible and should be flawless on most Unix systems, expecially Linux on which pxlib is being developed.

On a recent Linux system you will need no extra libraries execpt for pxlib to compile pxview.

If libsqlite is available it will also be used for conversion into a sqlite database.

pxview's documentation is written in docbook and needs docbook-to-man and docbook2man for building. If you do not have these two utilities you can still build pxview but you will not have documentation.

In order to install pxview run the following commands:

make install

Installation will be by default into /usr/local. Run ./configure --help for a list of available configuration options.

Installation on debian

Debian sarge users can get a source package and binary packages for i386 and powerpc in the download section.

Installation on rpm based systems

Those using an rpm based system like Fedora, SuSE, or Mandrake may try the precompiled binaries or recompile from the rpm source package, all available in the download section.

Installation on MS Windows™

I have heard of users being able to compile pxview even on MS Windows™. Unfortunately, I've never managed to do it. Let me know if you know how to do it.

Latest News

Released version 0.2.5

August 9, 2005

  • output some more information about blobs in debug mode
  • Output password checksum if file is encrypted
  • output format of timestamp, date, time can be set with program option. The default has been changed to the sql format.

New web site

02 Feb 05

After a long time the web site has been overhauled with much more information about pxview.

Released version 0.2.4

January 24, 2005

  • check return value of PX_get_data_alpha() and output an error message if needed
  • mask special chars in memoblobs (sql output)
  • use delimeter char for fields if they contain a line break (csv output)
  • surrounds field data of memoblobs by enclosure char (csv output)
  • primary key fields are treated as unique(field1, field2, field3, ...) and not unique(field1), unique(field2), ...
  • fixed various memory leaks
  • fixed many compiler warnings
  • configure checks for PX_timestamp2string() to ensure pxlib >= 0.4.3 is present
  • use functions like PX_get_num_fields() and PX_get_value() instead of directly accessing the file header structure
  • create html version of manual pages on request